Tuesday, 23 November 2010

All Beta'd Out

With the death of Beta overnight and the outstanding concerns left with the Balance Druid (and the Druid as a whole), I see no further reason to continue this blog. I honestly can't help but be slightly disappointed that there are fundamental issues that have been neither acknowledged nor resolved with the Moonkin; however, one can only look forward to 4.1.

That said, the Balance Druid has undoubtably evolved with the transition to Cataclysm. These random postings were simply there for my own personal musing as well as a means to go crazy with screenshotting. I had never intended to continue after Cataclysm was released. So...

For people who have taken the time to read this blog, thanks! :)

I hope I gave a different perspective to what you're all read before and I feel content that some of my activity on the forums has perhaps helped shape some of the changes Balance Druids have received over the last several months.


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