Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Maintaining the Balance

This is little time left in the Beta and soon Cataclysm will be here. Much change has come to the game with 4.0.1 and still more to come. The development of the Balance Druid from its humble beginnings years ago has taken another leap forward with Cataclysm and the Moonkin is undeniably better than it has ever been.

So am I happy with the cataclysmic state of the Balance Druid? A solid no.

I've got a fair few things I've been thinking about and it's easily enough to span several posts over the weeks until release. The catch is that I just have to get around to writing them out. I'd like to ramble (sans ranting) about what the Balance Druid is inherently lacking and where it is intrinsically flawed in my opinion.


Firstly: I love my Druid.

I feel like I'm betraying some part of my self when I say that I don't think I'll be leveling him first come release. I did so without hesitation for Beta, but I can only say that in the end I was unexpectedly disappointed. I can only declare my love for the class so many times before realising that this chicken hasn't got much life left in it, despite how guilty I feel to think so.

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