Saturday, 10 July 2010


So I sit here at 1:40am after having learn about an hour ago that I actually won a key to Cataclysm! Go me!

No doub the download that is currently sitting at 17% will take until at least morning to finish, but I'm currently happy sitting here thinking "I actually got into a beta?".

So my plans are to take a look at each of my toons one by one before venturing out. I've copied over several of my 80s - Druid, Warlock, Mage, Paladin and Priest - as well as a few premade toons - Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Death Knight. I'll be leaving Rogue alone for the moment, as I only had 5 character copies and then 5 premades. I'll like copy over a premade later in the week depending on if I didn't accidently double up and waste a copy on something. I don't know if I copied my own Shaman over as well the as the premade.
I'm currently thinking I'll take my Druid, Anaro, for a spin first and see how the new Moonkin and Resto tricks fare. I'm not going to be taking talents seriously until the next build due to the incoming massive redesign of the talent system for all classes and specs.

I'll find some time to start up each a Worgen and Goblin, as their starting zones are looking incredibly designed (gogo youtube now!).

In between all that I'll try and update some bio info about myself and WoW (I currently have ten lvl80 characters - two Shaman, no Hunter, one of each of the rest).

19%! and sleeping...

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