Saturday, 10 July 2010


I forgot to fall asleep >.>

Not actually due to the Beta, but just that my sleeping pattern is all over the place while on holidays without anything to keep me consistently regulated.

So news just in a short while ago kept me up and reading: RealID implementation bring require real name useage is cancelled.
While I lament the good it would have done, I can't say that it was the right choice. I do look forward to some of the other features coming with the new forums, such as being able to rate up/down posts. It'd be good to see consistently badly ranked posters simply have restricted forum usage, or something.

Anyways, the Beta is still chugging along and the core is installed with the first build now being applied. I'm not sure how many builds I'll have to catch up on, but I should really try and get some sleep.

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