Thursday, 22 July 2010

Build 12539

There's been quite a nice push this build and the talent system is slowly coming together (primarily with Paladins and Warriors, imo). Paladins have received what can only be described as a complete revamp with all specs now making use of an additional resource, Holy Power.
I'll maybe go through the changes one day when things settle down a bit, but my Paladin isn't at the top of my priority list at the moment.

Worgen have literally received a facelift as also it appears a reposturing (less hunched over, more menacing). Sadly, my lvl13 Hunter is now serves the Old Gods as a Faceless one :(

It appears that hairstyles for the new model aren't yet implemented, but they definitely look good. I think I'll be a little nostalgic for the old ones for a while, simply for the sake of it.

My Druid is taking a break for a while as Deepholm is still crashy with high graphic settings, so I'll wait until that's fixed. Also, Druid have had very little in the way of talent interation and I'd rather wait and see. I'd rather level through Deepholm with a more cohesive Balance Druid.

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