Saturday, 10 July 2010

Worgen Finale

So it appears I've completed the Worgen starting zone. A climatic retaking of Gilneas city took place against the Forsaken, including a nice finale with Sylvanas.

The final quest, "Endgame", is heavily bugged and has you landing via hippogryph onto a Horde flying ship. As soon as I landed, explosions etc went off but then also a 'coloured confetti' kind of effect which seemed excessive. A sudden crash proved that.

I logged back in and I was wandering around the airship unable to really do anything so I jumped off and took a long walk back to jump on another flying hippo. I landed sans crash this time, but still nothing to indicate what to do next on the void ship. While writing up a bug/feedback report, the airship suddenly blew up and I got quest completion with the camera teleporting back to a landing zone to which my rescuing wyvern arrived a few minutes later. I turned in my quest, and then nothing. No further breadcrumb quest or anything. So I assume that's the end of it for now.
It's a very nice, long experience and I would say it beats the Death Knight experience even if only due to it being so much longer (and Worgen are cooler!).

I'm siiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggging in the raaaaaaaiiiinn!

I went back and had a look around, finding an npc with the pleasant name of "Alpha Darnassus Teleporter". He informed me about the borked ending to the Worgen zone and that it's not fully implemented yet. He sent me to Darnassus, where the Cataclysm has taken out Auberdine and thus linking itself into the continuation of the leveling flow. I'll likely leave this Worgen alone and maybe just stretch his legs every now and then. I'm thinking I wont level anything from that point until lvl80 during the Beta so that I save something for live. However, I will definitely be flying around to visit each of the zones on my 80s over time and doing some sightseeing :)
I'll start work through the Goblin starting experience over the next week and will likely touch very little of my 80s until the next build is in. Spanky Goblin Rogue, anyone? ;)

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