Monday, 2 August 2010

Deepholm: Complete

So I completed Deepholm over the weekend, which left my Druid 20% shy of lvl83. Since there hasn't really been a pass over the zone, I don't expect the xp to be too meaningful and I assume that you'll be hitting lvl83 so you can then move to Uldum.

There's a great variety of quest-types in the zone, and even a cameo of Millhouse Manastorm (who I've also seen during a solo ninja run of the Stonecore instance).

The zone has you searching Deepholm to recover the fragments of the World Pillar, which was shattered by Deathwing as he ascended and broke through the planar barrier into Azeroth. Without the World Pillar, Azeroth is destablised and is being drawn down into Deepholm, the elemental plane of earth. Thrall is up top holding back the vortex at the Maelstrom, but you are tasked with bringing the fragments together so that the Earthen Ring can mend it from the other side.
As is so for both Hyjal and Vashj'ir, phasing tech is everywhere and the zone is very often changing due to your efforts.

I really enjoyed this 'journey to the center of the earth' feel, and am looking forward to the suspense and ambience being polished even more.

As for Balance Druids, they've barely been touched other than a slight rearranging of talents. Hopefully I'll be tackling Uldum and its air elementals with a freshed Moonkin in the not too distant future.


  1. Grats on completing Deepholm. I liked Hyjal more (as far as storyline goes) but there were some really fun quests in Deepholm too. I thought the scenery was simply stellar. The colors (especially Therazane's Throne) were very rich and when settings are pumped up all the way, its beautiful. Unfortunately, about all I can do while the settings are maxed is stand in place, so I won't be enjoying the game to that level, but even on minimalistic settings, the zone carries quite the beautiful backdrop.

  2. Yeah, the zone is just so unique in its style and scenery.
    I avoided playing my Druid for a while for a few reasons - both WoW and IRL - and am really happy that I was able to keep my settings at max after things had settled down. I'm hoping that a solid Balance Druid pass comes with Uldum :)

    I had a few random crashes throughout the zone, and a few random de-'flight forming' which hurt. That aside, I loved to see the zone amp up that the worlds are ending (miniquakes tied to quests, quests directly dealing with planar instability etc) so as to actually give connection to 'omg the World Pillar is destroying and Azeroth is being drawn into Deepholm!'.

    I haven't completed Hyjal yet on my Warlock, but am mostly done with him a bit over lvl82. At this stage I'd have to say that I've enjoyed Vashj'ir the most just by it being such a cool and unique zone in all of WoW. I went through it before their recent pass of it, but the pacing and suspense of the zone was fantastic.