Saturday, 14 August 2010

Random Observations of 12759

As per the recent blue post, mob damage has gone up significantly. There's now actually a very real danger of dying if you get overwhelmed. EDIT: I'm really really liking that mobs now actually pose a threat to the player.
To give an idea of what things are hitting for, my 83 Druid is getting smacked in Deepholm with ~3k melee hits, 10k Fireballs, 16k Fireblasts, etc. I currently have 48k HP, but that disappears very quickly when pulling multiple mobs.

The new version of the Mage talent Impact is crazy good.

I'm surprised there still haven't been any solid Druid changes in the last several builds. I'm not panicking that we're going to go live the way we are, but I definitely am jealous of the Warlock and Mage incredibleness in the last few builds, especially Fire Mages.

I do think that bringing up the issues of Balance identity is paying off, though. Wrath now has a new sound, which is a sparky zap :D
The only change I see for Druids at the moment is that Soothe Animal is now called Sooth, and reads "Soothes the target, dispelling all enrage effects". Pretty cool, imo.

Archimonde's Vengeance, one of the first sub-zones of Hyjal, has been completely redone.

^^ New

^^ Old

The Paladin talent Art of War leaves a rather large WoW icon in the middle of your screen, which makes me wonder if they're implementing a PowerAuras-esque UI.

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