Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hyjal: (Almost) Complete

I'm sitting at the final quest of Hyjal on my Warlock, which is set up to be taking down Ragnaros :)

Note that Ysera, the Green Dragon Aspect, currently has a placeholder model for both her human and dragon forms.
This final quest, however, is currently bugged where it doesn't reset after someone completes it so I'll have to wait for a server reset and try to ninja in before anyone else.

Unlike my Druid who started with mostly ilvl245 gear and had replaced much by the end of Vashj'ir, my Warlock hasn't found much from Hyjal to replace his ICC10 level gear other than a new staff. With Masteries now being no longer implemented, the upgrades are outweighed by the gemming and enchants on the old gear. Once Masteries are again implemented I expect to steadily replace everything, especially were I to take on Deepholm.

Phasing is again a large part of this zone and yet, while no less impressive, maybe slightly less so than Vashj'ir.

Fleeing from Deathwing as he summons Ragnaros is always a good choice. This below shot is part of the Hyjal fly-in intro.

And the base of Nordrassil, the World Tree.

Quests often send you into The Firelands via these portals used by the elementals and Twilight cultists throughout the world.

The Twilight cult is being all bad and whatnot, as you'd expect. In addition to helping Deathwing recover while in Deepholm, they are now abusing the elements and 'ascending' to become elementals themselves, as below.

At least Cenarius is back from the Emerald Dream to help us.

And Zeptuk and I are here too to save the day as usual :)

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