Monday, 23 August 2010

"Your skill in All - Glyphs has increased to 415."

So my Warlock is now lvl83. Go go, Zeptuk!

This pass through Deepholm had the benefit of another few builds of polish, which has tidied up some quests (or actually implemented them) as well as shown off a lot of the new voice work that's been added to many npcs during quest events.

My one big question is what does the following chatlog message mean:

My Warlock is, and has always been, a Tailor/Enchanter. I can only assume this is something hinting at the new Glyph revamp, but there's nothing more I can guess about it.

My new lvl83 spell is Dark Intent.

I came to the sudden realisation that Zeptuk and I can do wonders with this due to Burning Embers, assuming everything is coded to work so. Edit: It appears that Burning Embers is not currently working, though I swear it recently was. Also, the buff drops off when mounting due to Zeptuk despawning and so Dark Intent must be recast upon landing. Hopefully this is something that is overlooked atm and pairing up a Dark Intent with one's own Imp will be designed for in the future.

As for what gear I have, I've yet to finish all of Deepholm due using a lot of rest while leveling, but I've replaced everything from ICC10 bar my T10 chest, Ashen Band of Endless Destruction (Exalted), and Muradin's Spyglass. I've reforged 52 crit on the Spyglass into Mastery and like that.

Time to take it easy, methinks. (I said that when my Druid hit lvl83 :S )

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