Saturday, 21 August 2010

Worgen Creation and Future Slot Increase

Worgen creation now shows one's human appearance, however, only skin colour is adjustable at the moment. Female creation is still unavailable.

Also, I noticed that there was a brief display of up and down arrows on the character select screen. I've been unable to reproduce it and I can only assume I wasn't hallucinating, but they appeared as the screen loaded during my first login of the patch. These arrows appeared in the bottom right corner above the "Delete Character" and "Back" options, and I'm assuming it's the foundations of eventually increasing character limits. While additional character slots may only be available by purchase, I look forward to hopefully being able to keep all my characters on the one realm.


  1. Additional char slots NEEDS to be implemented..
    We are paying ALOT of money to play this game and limiting us to only 10 chars per realm is just not good enough now with Worgen incoming.. I will have to delete a lvl 80 in order to make room for the Worgen.. and tbh, that is fail..
    Increase char slots to 15 and additional above that could then be purchased for 5 euro or something.. nothing expensive, Blizzard already earn WAST ammount of money on us as it is.

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